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Frequently Asked Features. Our platform supports all kinds of features required by an Institution. Look at the frequently asked features listed for your reference.

Yes, tracking students status with Neo Colab’s Unified Dashboard is much simpler than the conventional way. You can see LIVE metrics of students with LIVE Coding stats.

Neo Colab supports holistic auto-evaluation and also awards mark as per the expected solution settings. The reports can be downloaded later for internal audit & reviews.

Yes, Neo Colab supports slack-like interface for Internal communications. Emails can also be sent to students directly from the platform. 

Yes, Neo Colab has cross-platform support. Student can take from Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, PC, etc.

Yes, Neo Colab features in-platform plagiarism checker to know the percentage of code match between students. This can also be downloaded as a report for internal purposes.

Yes, Neo Colab has numerous security features which includes: Tab Switch Lock, Copy Paste Lock, IP Address Lock, Suspicious Activity Screenshot, Access Key  Lock, Face Verification, Holistic AI & Manual Proctoring, etc.


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